2018 in tech: the highlights of this year’s events

Britain has attracted a staggering £28 billion in technology investment in the last few years alone.

And as the beating heart of this global technological hotspot, London has become a trendy and popular hub for events designed to promote the tech industry and provide consumers with their gadget fix.

Whether you work in the industry or you’re simply a gizmo fanatic, there’s something for everyone coming up here in London in 2018.

London Tech Week – 11th to 17th June

 Described as the “biggest, boldest festival of tech”, London Tech Week is a must-visit for anyone who is interested in how the future will be shaped by the gadgets and gizmos of tomorrow.

Although some details like the full speaker program remain under wraps, guests can look forward to a summit debating artificial intelligence (AI) and fascinating talks on how a rise in the use of robots will affect our everyday tasks and jobs. There’s even an exciting tech party on the evening of Wednesday 13th!

The event usually attracts over 55,000 attendees – and with visitors tweeting and posting like mad on their smartphones and laptops, the social media reach of this annual event extends to over 110 million people. That’s technology in action!

Smartphone film-making in Soho – 16th May

You might not know it, but the critically-acclaimed 2015 film “Tangerine” was filmed nearly entirely on an iPhone 5S.

And if you fancy yourself as a future Stephen Spielberg, you too can learn to create amazing films using just your smartphone by signing up for the Smartphone Film-making workshop at the Photographers’ Gallery in Soho, hosted by A New Direction.

This full day event is designed to give you the head start you need to craft slick and high-quality films – simply using your smartphone. The skills on the agenda include editing, filming techniques and much more. 

It’s centrally located too, just three minutes away on foot from Oxford Circus station. You might even be able to find your way there without a smartphone!

The Wearable Technology Show – 13th/14th March

For those who have their eye on the gadgets of the future, the Wearable Technology Show is just the ticket.

Now in its fifth year, this conference focuses on the exciting possibilities that all the latest irresistible wearable tech can bring. Whether it’s fitness-friendly watches or even smart technology  embedded in the fibers of your clothes, there’s plenty on offer.

Held at the state of the art ExCel centre in London’s Docklands, exhibitions at the event are billed as being aimed at “anybody who is excited about innovation” – which means there’ll be something for everyone.

With companies on hand to exhibit the latest wearable gadgets for you to try, there’ll also be a rare opportunity to hear from the industry’s biggest movers and shakers.

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