Innovative Events Ideas to Excite Your Audience

Mix up your event format:

Tired of relying on boring old event formats? Start by asking yourself what recent innovative events have been building buzz lately:

Secrecy-based events: Whether they’re invite-only or take place in a location that isn’t announced until just before go time, secrecy creates intrigue. Intrigue creates ticket sales. The Lost Lectures, an underground series of lectures at secret locations, has mastered just this sort of intrigue.

Silent conferences:

You’ve heard of silent discos, where dancers wear headphones to hear the music? Silent conferences, too, use wireless headphone systems keep the environment nice and mellow. Another perk? You can hold breakout sessions without needing an extra room.

Speed-presenting events: Replacing stodgy old Powerpoint decks, business event organizers like Ignite are hosting sped-up presentations around the world. Presenters get 20 slides, which can only stay on screen for 15 seconds each. In under five minutes, presenters have to engage an audience with a short, impactful story.

Take your own spin on these ideas. For example, for a nightlife event, speed presentations take on a slightly different but equally popular form: improv shows where comedians present a Powerpoint they’ve never seen before.

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